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What Are Possible Replacements for Oil Sands in Canada?

In May 2021, environmentalists scored a stunning victory against big oil companies with potentially big implications for climate change, fossil fuel companies and the Canadian oil sands industry. A…

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How Tar Sands Affect Climate Change

What are tar sands? Tar sands, also known as oil sands, are a fossil fuel deposit. They consist of sand, water, clay and bitumen – a thick type of oil.1 Canada’s oil sands are the largest deposit of crude on Earth.2 But, the oil sands industry is also highly…

Oil Sands Extraction: Methods, Processes and Effects

Canada’s oil sands are predominantly found in the western province of Alberta.1 There are three main regions: Athabasca, Cold Lake and Peace River.2 Collectively, they cover over 142,000 square kilometres (km2).3 That is larger than England’s total landmass.4 The current…

Oil Prices in Canada: How Do Oil Sands Affect Them?

Oil prices in Canada plunged to below zero on the 20th April, 2020. This means a historic low was reached.1 ‘Black April’ follows years of setbacks for the industry, ever since the international price of oil collapsed in 2014.2 In fact, with US President Biden revoking…

Oil Sands Tailings Ponds in Canada

Canada’s Alberta’s oil sands are one of the largest crude oil deposits on the planet.1 Oil sands are a mixture of sand, water and bitumen – a heavy oil too viscous to flow on its own.2 A water-intensive extraction process is required to separate the bitumen…

Oil Pipelines in Canada

Oil pipelines in Canada are an integral part of the country’s energy infrastructure.1 They are the safest and most efficient method of transporting large quantities of Canadian crude oil.2 But, they are also a divisive issue. Environmentalists oppose pipeline…
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Vivian Krause Biography

Vivian Krause: Profession Krause described herself as “Researcher and Writer” on Fair Questions, a personal blog she set up in 2009. Who funds Vivian Krause? To date, Krause has declared at least $200,000 from the oil and gas industry. This exceeds 90 per cent of…

Oil Sands Mining in Canada

If you visit the area around the Athabasca River in Western Canada, you will find two contrasting landscapes. Alberta is not only the home of the Canadian Rockies, but also Canada’s oil sands mining. While these large reserves have been around for a significant amount…
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